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Coworkers reacting badly to someone whose comments are always off

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I'm talking about every other comment out of their mouth is off, sometimes profoundly. Usually it's during small talk. Would coworkers usually shun that person? Complain to management about not wanting to work with that person?
1. Getting off topic without realizing
2. Making irrelevant comments in conversations or adding irrelevant details when answering questions
3. Making false statement demonstrating lack of common knowledge or common sense
4. Making true statement that are already obvious to everyone
5. Always misunderstanding what others are saying
6. Being unable to make yourself clear
7. Finally, telling ppl everything in a small talk like a little kid (e.g. Mom got mad at dad)
I'm talking about adults who converse that way. Children up to 10 or 11 who do so are actually within the normal range. Thoughts?
The said person is also loud half the time but hardly ever rude, unless unintentional. Thx.


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