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Coping with parents being homeless

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I can feel it again. That black hole in my chest that sucks up everything and gives nothing in return.
My parents are "homeless" again, staying in a hotel. I'm 22 and have two jobs in the next town so I've spent many nights on their couch and now that they've been evected for the 6th time since I was 14, I find myself with nowhere to go. I have my car completely full with totes packed with clothes. I'm moving 14 hours away with my boyfriend once he gets out of military in December.
Note: of course he would let me stay with him BUT the at barracks do not allow that and we don't want him to get in trouble.
I know I can handle the "gypsy" life for two more months but I suppose the let down from my parents has done its damage again. My mother knows I'm moving but she's asked me not to tell my father until they're settled in a new place because it would just add to his stress. I agreed and I understand but I want to tell them both and have their love and support. I come from a southern home and small town where every generation stays and we keep it small, same, and quiet. Where my love and partner come from the upper east coast. So I know why my father is going to stress about me embarking on my new life. They both won't understand why I want to fall into my loves wind and let it carry me to the unknown. Just maybe they would but I can't even find out and lay it on the table because they're not currently stable.

With all this on my mind, they're uncertain future and my need to share with them but the inconvenience in it, I found myself crying and hurting myself again the other and then today the dark inner feeling of doom. I've been through this all before and I don't want to do it again. I realize that I'll be just fine. But when this feeling grabs me it consumes me. I've never been able to do anything about it before. I just want it gone. Right now it's just dark clouds and hard winds rolling in from the distance and soon I'll find myself soaked and cold standing alone unable to hide from the storm. How do i stay warm and dry while this passes? How?


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    Dear Chris,

    I am so sorry to hear about this and I give you a virtual hug *hug*

    I am really not sure what advice to offer you so this message might not be of much help. However I will say this; does anyone know about your sh and can they help in any way? If not, then would you feel comfortable telling anyone about it? Even maybe a confidential helpline?

    Also, crying is good, crying will help you release a lot of emotion. I offer you my blanket of support to stay warm and dry while this passes, as it will pass.

    To quote my role model "Tides do what tides do, they turn." - SP

    Hope some of this helps.

    Take care,

    - Ash.
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