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Where is your favourite place?

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Just thought I's ask this question as I have a new favourite place near my house. It's a bench in a tiny nature reserve and there's rarely anyone there. It's a great place to sit and ponder and relax.

Where is your favourite place and why?

It could be your bedroom, a place you went on holiday, a city or somewhere else..if you have pictures to share even better!



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    I've got a few favourite places, my first one would be the beach behind H's house where we went for a cute little midnight walk because of our memories together.
    Second - Plymouth Hoe, where I first met H
    Third - The train station, idk the danger is exciting
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    London. Has always been my safe place because it's where I went for a week to get away from such a difficult situation way back when. Other favourite place is sitting on some kind of hidden away steps in graveyard because it's always so lonely there, so I can escape. Places like that are peaceful and relaxing too.
  • plugitinplugitin Noob Posts: 2,197 The Mix Regular
    This is quite a hard one for me, because I have a favourite place for pretty much everywhere I have lived. Where I live now there are some hills not too far away where I can stomp up and down after a bad day and there are some great views over the Black Country. I've not been for a while so I need to make it there before the nights start drawing in again!

    There's also a water park near where I grew up that sounds like your nature reserve Jo - I spent a lot of time there with my existential angst als I was younger and I still love going there when I'm home.

    I think my final one has to be the lakes around Füßen in southern Germany - so beautiful and I want to spend a lot more time there! Attachment not found.
  • apandavapandav :) Posts: 2,072
    I'd have to say my local park- specifically the big tree next to the canal, as it feels like my safe space. When I want to get away I go there, it's quiet and I like how the branches hang over, creating a large shade. It feels like it's "my" place :)

    The beach is another one of my favourites :) I love it! I love listening to the sound of waves, I find it very relaxing!
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    Thanks for sharing all your places so far :) It's really cool to hear about what makes places special - sometimes it's memories, other times it's places where you can get some escape in the peace and quiet and beauty of the natural world or feel alone and safe.

    That lake is gorgeous @plugitin - what is it about water that is so calming, you mentioned the ocean too @apandav

    I like the idea of a good stomp after a bad day too :yes:

    @Hiccup it sounds like a noisy, dangerous place can do something for you too, perhaps it's invigorating?

    Keep em coming :d
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