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Question about the housing list.

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Hey everyone,

I'm enquiring to see if it is possible to put my name on the housing list. My circumstances are a little different at the minute than most. I'm 28 and currently living at home with my mum who sufferes from mental illness. She has a house through the council and pays no rent due to her being on DLA and benefits. My question is.. God forbid if my mum ever takes her own life (which she has tried before) could I gain control of the house if my name is already on the housing list.. If she ever did take her life, I would not be able to afford getting a 'new' place on my own. I do have a full time job and would be able to start paying rent on my mums house if I was able to gain control. I'm just not sure what the rules are on these kind of situations. My mums going through a really bad patch at the minute and I'm worried she might completely lose it. And I don't want to end up being on the street...If anyone has some feedback, I would be greatly appreciated.



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    It totally depends on your mum's tenancy agreement - some councils do allow it and some don't. Are you named on the agreement? Could you be added to the agreement if not? That would mean that if something did happen to her you would be able to keep on to the house. Being on the housing list will make no difference to whether you can keep the house or not. Might be worth talking to your local housing officer.
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    Hey there and welcome to the boards.
    Thanks for your posting your query - we'll hopefully be able to work through this and see what your options might be.
    You say your mum has a council tenancy. If she passes away then you may be entitled to take over her tenancy - this is called succession. The rules about this will be set out in your mum's tenancy agreement so I would suggest that you read this as soon as possible. Your rights to take over the tenancy may also depend on when your mum's tenancy began - see the link to Shelter's website above which gives more information about this.
    As Miss_Riot suggests, I would speak to your mum's housing officer as soon as possible to ask them what the succession rights are in relation to your mum's tenancy. I would also write a letter to the council as soon as possible setting out when you moved in with your mum and that you are currently living there as your only home. Keep a copy of this letter and get a receipt or proof of postage. If in future they dispute you living there this letter will help to support your side of the story.

    If the council do ever write to you or your mum about wanting to take back possession of the property, then seek legal advice immediately as you may be able to stop them. You can find a solicitor by phoning the Law Society on 020 7320 5650.

    You may also want to check out the thread for Newbies on TheSite. Hope this helps and hope you continue reaching out for support on TheSite as you need it. :)
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    Hi there, I'm sorry to hear about your current situation and I hope we can help as much as possible.

    You said that you don't know wether you would be entilled to the house if your mum passes away. Would looking at your mums tenancy agreement be much use? Also I would look into speaking to the citizens advice bureu for legal advice wether or not you stand a chance on getting the house.

    Do you know if your mum has wrote a will? That might play a part to who gets what but you would only find that out if the time comes.

    It's worth seeking out legal advice and seeing if you would be entitled to anything. That's why going to the citizens advice bueru might be helpful. I would book an appointment with them so you can get to see someone quicker.

    I hope that helps x
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    Her will won't matter if there's no succession clause in her tenancy agreement. Shelter would be your best bet, the CAB most often refer housing related queries on to them.
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