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We've started our first discussion for our Christmas campaign which is focusing on religion or cultural beliefs that help you when you're feeling down. Some of the responses will be used anonymously on social media as a video. If you'd like to take part, head over to this thread.

Greetings and Salutations!

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Hi there,

I'm Naya, or Lovegood or LG. Which ever you prefer. I'm a 27 year old male who's recovered from serious depression and I'm now thinking of ways to try and make everyone's lives better around me, where possible. I'm pretty open about myself, occasionally perhaps too open, and I tend to ramble a lot, especially when I mean to be brief. So I'll quit typing now before that happens again. :) All my best. x


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    Hey there Naya,

    Welcome to TheSite!

    It's great to hear that you've recovered and are trying to help those around you. Supporting each other is one of the key philosophies around here, so I'm sure you'll fit right in! It's great to see you've been posting around already.

    Just a heads up that this space is primarily designed for people aged 16-25. There are those above and below that bracket and you're more than welcome to stay. It's just worth bearing in mind when posting ;)

    See you around!
    James (moderator)
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    Hi, welcome to The Site.

    I hope you find it helps x
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