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knife in her head?

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okay so my friend has said this to me:

'its not right its not working and it feels like a knife in the back of my head from the second i walk through the school doors to the second i walk out and i cant think anything'

and im so worried about it, im not sure what she is trying to say and i was wondering what you thought?

she then went on to say about christians getting excited aboout death and she said she was hypocritical because shes 60% gay yet still calling herself christian eventhough she does things againt what they believe? um

and she keeps insisting that her brain is broken? and im not sure if this is that gay thing um im so confused

she says she cant remember basic things like how to do maths

and she keeps talking about the knife in her head and im so worried and scared and i want to help but im not sure whats going on

please help me


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    Hey Imsoscared,

    I'm glad your friend has a caring friend like yourself, it sounds like she's really struggling at the moment, so it's understandable why you would be worrying, especially with the things she's saying. Have you raised your concerns about your friend with anyone else, for example a teacher? It sounds like she could do with some more focused support, which your school can arrange for her.

    It can be quite nerve wrecking approaching a teacher about a friend because she's put her trust in you, but it's often about out weighing that with her safety. Have you tried getting her to talk to the teacher herself? - It sounds like school is a bit of an overwhelming place for her at the moment to, does she get any support at all?

    Also, remember to look after yourself too, how are you coping with the things she's saying? Or how are you doing? *hug*

    Keep us updated on how things are getting on,

    Best wishes,
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    It's really good that your there for your friend despite that her thoughts and feelings are effecting you which is hard on you two but your doing the right thing by remaining calm, poliet and non judgemental.

    You might want to have a think on the best way to help your friend in a constructive way without making her feel bad about herself.

    I think having a list of help line numbers and support services at ready would be a good idea so that your friend doesn't have to feel pressured into doing anything but it's just there if she needs it. You might wanna say that you spoke to someone one time on how you were feeling and it helped you to not bottle things up or that I heard this so and so helpline is really good for people who need someone to talk to.

    This sounds more of a better way to go about her getting the help and support she needs rather then then telling her she needs help. You have to let her do it in her own time.

    You should keep being there for her as your doing knowing she can come to you anytime no matter what.

    Here's the helplines for your friend......

    The Samaritans - 24/7 listening service for anyone feeling emotional and in despair

    Mind - mental health service for those feeling emotional, isloated and depressed

    Childline - 24/7 advice service aimed at abuse and neglate but who wide range of issues to

    The Crisis Team - mental health and conuselling service for people who are depressed, suicidal and can't cope with life in general

    The Mental Health Team - Those who may have a mental health disorder including Depression and Sucide

    Get Connected - Non Advice Service but for those who which to access other services in there local area

    Please let them know what you think?

    We're if here you wanna talk x
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