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Anxiety and/or depression?

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Well hey there. I'm just going to get right into this, so yeah.
Okay, so recently I've been very fidgety and anxious, and in general just sad, especially when I'm alone and I have time to think. A couple of weeks ago I tried self harming. Now I kind of realised that was wrong. But since then, my anxiety has worsened. I took a lot of online tests from NHS and various other health tests and lots said I have anxiety and a moderate amount of depression. I also have 11 out of 12 signs of depression. I'm not sure what to think, as it all seems fake and not real. Around people, I'm fine. And that's my problem. I seem so sad but yet happy and I don't want to make a fuss out of nothing. Everyone laughs and shrugs it off anyway, so what's the point in saying anything? I'm really confused, so please tell me if you think I might have anxiety or depression. And also, I'm still quite young - an early teen.


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    Hey, welcome to TS :)
    Have you tried speaking to anyone about how you're currently feeling, whether that be a parent, friend, counsellor or doctor?

    It's not always a great idea to self diagnose, because sometimes it makes us look like we have certain conditions without understanding all the other factors around them. However, they can be a good start for trying to understand what is wrong with us. We wouldn't be able to tell you either, because we don't know you well enough either :)

    You said that you are happy around people, when you are alone what is happening?

    In your teens it can be a confusing and scary time with lots going on that you don't always understand. Having the chance to talk to someone you know might help you understand better what is happening for you and try to work out what is real and not real.
    Good luck!
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    When I'm alone I think about how sad I really am. It all feels fake though, my sadness does? I don't want to go anywhere like the doctors because if it's nothing I'll look stupid. I've told my friend who is in the same position as me and she told me to tell my mum, but I just don't want to, if it's nothing. I also meant 11 out of 12 signs of anxiety, not depression.
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    Hi Sophie

    Sorry to hear how difficult things are for you at the moment.

    It would be helpful to talk to an adult you trust and maybe they could come to the doctors with you, you wouldn't look stupid they are there to help and support you if needed, so don't feel stupid at all. They can offer all sorts of help, therapy, medication, short courses on anxiety management and many other things which is dependent on your area.

    Is there any triggers you notice when you anxiety if high or you feel sad?

    We're here if you want to chat :)

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    Like Blondie said, talking to an adult and going to a doctor might be good for you to express how you're feeling.

    The doctor won't think you're silly, it's really important to talk to someone if you are having problems because they can build up into more.

    What it might be worth doing is noting down when you feel bad / anxious, the level that you feel it to (e.g. 1 not at all, 10 really anxious) and what was going on at the time to take it to the doctor. There is also an app called Doc Ready that will help you get your thoughts in order if you are unsure what to say.

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