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landlord problems

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my landlord has just said if i want the bathroom fixed shes going to put the rent up, can they do that ????

(the shower leaks down into the dinning room and there on about ripping it all out and fitting a bath, which she said she was gonna do after I moved in but never did.)

she said I (the landlord) cant be expected to keep fixing things ive gotta get some money back somewhere.
I thought if you were a landlord you had to fix things that want wrong ???? :confused:


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    Hi there and welcome to the boards.
    Thanks for your post. It looks like you are having a difficult time with your landlord. The short answer is that yes your landlord has a duty to keep your home in good repair. They cannot demand more money to fix things.
    You may like to read this section on Shelter`s website - http://england.shelter.org.uk/get_advice/repairs_and_bad_conditions/repairs_in_private_lets
    If your landlord continues to refuse to carry out the repairs you can contact the Environmental Health Officer or the Private Sector Tenancy Relations officer at your local council for further advice. They have powers to visit your home and contact your landlord about the disrepair.
    You may also like to contact Shelter for further legal advice on 0808 800 4444.
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    Most Councils have a specialized Liaison's team that will inspect rented properties in need of repairs. They will order the Landlord to make the repairs. Our team here said if the Landlord still ignores the issues the council will arrange the repairs and then bill the Landlord. The downside is this can cause further issues though. Most Landlords like yours by the sounds of it won't appreciate the council getting involved. If you don't have a long term tenancy then the Landlord could within his rights end the tenancy with sufficient notice. Ours did this and even stupidly tried taking action against the Council.
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