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Car paint touch up

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hey :wave:

So have damaged my car :rolleyes:

Just drove a bunch of drunk friends home, they wanted to go to KFC.... I went through the drive through... One of them prematurely leaned over me (to place order through window that we hadn't reached) and scrapeeee, I scraped a post. :grump:

The damage is really minimal. Just paint scraped off the wheel arch, only like 3mm wide around about 5cm of the wheel arch. So I guess not that big a deal. I live near the sea though so bit worried about it rusting if the areas not covered up.

What are my options? I'm willing to pay more for someone who could do the job well rather than attempt it myself. What sort of places do I approach? The dealership / garage?

Thanks in advance. I'm so clueless about cars


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    Garage every time because the dealership will replace parts rather than repair - cost the insurance company 3.5k because they replaced the whole door on my car after my mum scrapped a post (should have needed beating out but it was a brand new car). If it's really small try t-cut first and if there's still a scratch then I'd go to halfords and get some touch up paint. I would only go to a garage if there's an actual dent rather than just scratched paintwork
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