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Hi everyone, I need some ideas of things to do in my spare time to keep me occupied/busy/distracted.

Good books to read during my lunch break at work and hobbies or things I can do at home in my own time as well 😄


  • Starry nightStarry night Incredible Poster Posts: 674
    Listen to music you haven't listened to in a while

    Make To Do Lists- Some for fun (films to see, friends to see, presents to buy for friends, where to go on holiday), some for work (cleaning house, DIY materials needed for stuff etc)

    Baking is always good, see if the neighbours want some

    Box sets of TV shows you wouldn't have thought you liked, it might surprise you, same for films

    Maybe get into games (personally I love the Sims 3, but it can spend lots of time)

    Knitting or making your own clothes- I know lots of people knit here, and my friend makes really lovely vintage dresses, I remember when she had just started and was only making scarves! Very rewarding hobby.

    Find a new sport/class at the gym. I really like swimming but Zumba or aerobics might be really good

    Have a beauty day, maybe invite some friends, have your favourite music and then face masks, home manicures etc

    Sort out photo albums
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    Two things I've been doing recently:

    There are loads of really good and completely free online courses here: https://www.futurelearn.com/ . I did a psychology one a few months ago, and I'm doing a money management one now (which is not the most exciting course, but very useful!).

    Watching TED talks. There are loads of really interesting ones there - each time I watch one, at least one more interesting one comes up!
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