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Mitigating Evidence- Need help quick

Starry nightStarry night Incredible PosterPosts: 674
Right, I have two essay deadlines, one for the 3rd Nov, one for the 5th. I have had massive problems with my housemate who has a drug addiction. Over the past two days we have had the police in at night, he has caused havoc, switched the internet off so I couldn't do my work, then I had to go to the doctors surgery with him in the morning and to A&E, because he took an overdose. He has threatened to smash up our stuff, put drugs in our room, so we're scared to leave him in the house on his own. Also, he's on so much stuff, we're scared he could have a seizure or something too. Easily, 36 hours of working time gone, and lots of stress . Better still, he doesn't even care. I suffer with depression too, and while I am having counselling and it was not affecting my work, it's back badly , and I can barely think well enough to write an essay. I'm expected to get a first, and I don't want it going down the pan because of an inconsiderate arsehole. Btw, we did try to help him and he was a right dick to us and through the help stuff through the window (so can't use that as evidence)

I don't know how to get the evidence necessary. I could get the name of the doctor he saw at the university doctors surgery, and the receptionist there knows how long I saw with him. He named me as his next of kin at the A&E, so I could use that as proof I was with him, and maybe the nurse who saw us could prove I came in with him. He gave us all grief for the rest of the night too, but that can't really be proved. I'm wondering how to get the number of the police enquiry, to prove we had to have them here, and how to get proof from A&E. Also, how would I go about quickly getting myself with an extension from the student support unit before the deadline for the depression if I can't get the evidence?

Sorry for complicated stuff. Really need advice :)


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    Does your department have a mitigating circumstances person you could email? They might know how to get an emergency extension if nothing else. Or could you speak to your counsellor and get them to do some kind of letter?
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    Maybe chat to a pastoral tutor? A documented conversation with them about the goings on may be able to be used as evidence.
  • Starry nightStarry night Incredible Poster Posts: 674
    I will talk to my counsellor, and maybe go to the doctors for a note to get extension with the Student Support Unit. I would really like to get the police, A&E and doctors surgery stuff though.
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    Call the police station and you can get the crime reference number, A&E and the doctors might be hard to get if your housemate doesn't give his permission but your counsellor can write you a supporting statement
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    Most important thing is to talk to your tutor. They will know what evidence may or may not be needed. For a first use of mitigating circumstances, it may be possible under tutors discretion.
  • Starry nightStarry night Incredible Poster Posts: 674
    Thanks for quick replies

    Tomorrow, I will go to my tutors office hours. He's lovely and my academic advisor too, so he knows me well, and knows I'm pretty reliable overall. Plus, I have counsellor's appointment on Friday, so maybe my therapist could help me then. Also, we had to get the police out today again and we got a reference number which they're going to link to the first time they had to come out, so it's easier to get evidence. Hopefully, it will all be proven and accepted in time.
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