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Distraction Ideas :)

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As I can't find a relatively new post on distractions ideas for anything from mental health difficulties to just general distractions thought id start a thread for everyone that might help others :)

I know I have difficulty sometimes looking for distractions when I feel like self harming or drinking here's a few I use, I don't forget to add your own :)

1) watching something on TV I'm told something light and funny but for me I can't stand those comedy shows I spent too long on night shifts watching them they drive me insane! I love bad girls or musicals!

2) writing a letter to yourself or keeping a diary with things in about what's going on for you get it off your chest sometimes I go outside and burn them let them flame away.

3) speaking to someone doesn't always help but in crisis when you get a good person it's amazing what a general chat can do for you.

4) crafting, painting or arts hard to concentrate sometimes but can be a quick short relief

5) SAying STOP imagining the big stop sign and repeating to myself especially for voices if they aren't too bad helps but not always

6) self soothing- use your five senses your favorite smell, soft toy, visual photos of family and friends etc

Those are just a few that help me when I'm struggling, so go ahead and add your own :)

Sending hugs out to you all :)

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