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Hi everyone!

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Hi I'm Madi, I'm 15 in about two months!
I've come on the site because I have a few(understatement of the year!) problems and I hope that I can get some help or advice! I also go on the childine website which is for 7 to 18, but find that all the rules are way too strict, so decided to come on here. I heard about this website on mizz magazine. I know, I still read mizz...
I'm a massive twilight fan, and I'm addicted to eastenders. I love acting, singing, reading. Writing, shopping, and films.
I like reading books by Sophie Mackenzie, chris Higgins, annabel pitcher, soibhan curham, and helen bailey.
About my personality...I'm quite weird tbh. I'm either hyper, and giggle at about anything, on a total high, act mad so people stare at me, or I'm low and depressed and drift around in a daydream. I don't know if I'm a nice person, if I'm honest, I don't think I'm very nice at all. I'm a bit of a loner really.
I wouldn't say I'm very unconfident, but I can't take criticism and worry about it. I'm a very sensitive person, so criticism really knock my self asteem. I've been bullied in the past, and if I'm honest am being bullied now.
Enough of me being dreary, anyway, I hope I can meet new people on here who going through the same stuff as me and we can all help.
Madi x


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