Looking for support for self harm? This community is a safe space to talk with others who have similar experiences, whilst you may also want to check out our content which has lots of information on things you can do to help your recovery.
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Hi I'm Alex23 and Im a student. I've been self-harming for a while and I want to stop. Please help.


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    Hello :wave:
    We can try!
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    Hello Alex,

    Welcome to TheSite.org, you've come to a great place to reach out for support, well done, as Heather suggested, if you are looking for more focussed support due to your self harm, post in the Health and Wellbeing forum, you are likely to get more replies that way, and are likely to get the correct audience of people viewing the post.

    Stopping self harm isn't the easiest thing, but it's great to see you are eager to stuff :) - Have you reached out to anyone else about your self harm? For example your GP? From personal experiences I know confiding in someone can also be very difficult, but it's worth checking TheSite.org's article on Confiding in someone...

    You can also check out TheSite.org's 'Coping tops and distractions' article and another further article on 'Dealing with urges' - 2 very useful articles, that are worth taking a look at,

    Do keep us updated on how things are going for you,
    Best wishes,
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    The problem with self harming is utopian can be horribly addictive and it's easy to get into the cycle of doing it whenever you are down ans things are exceptionally tough. I used to self harm a lot and by and large the three things that helped me were talking to friends and family, counselling and later on anti-depressants. You need to think which is the best route for you. I'd certainly recommend trying to get it out in the open if you haven't already, and if you're not confident enough to talk to friends and family yet and have been covering it up, my best advice would be visit your gp as you can confide in them and either set out a plan of medication or get an urgent referral for psychological support. I hope this helps :-)
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    Welcome to thesite :)
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