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EmEm the BIN MEN!!!!!!

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YO BRO!!!!!!!

I've had caffeeeeeeeen ;) and I'm hyper...
Lately I decided I'm now a bin men...yah its totally possible even if 'bin men' means im a man and more then one person...But it sounds better so lets pretend okay..before george gets mad ;):yum:


i got a bin men picture;) Im hypeeer omg..caffeen :P

BIN MEN!!!!!!

so now for my singing **ahem**

oh EmEm's a BinMen
Se wears a binmen's hat
she wears cor blimey trousers
And she waiting for a council flat
She's looks a proper spanner
In her great big hob nailed boots
she's got such a job to pull em up
That she calls them daisy roots

or something like that..BIN MEN BIN MEN


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