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Reflecting On Life

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I am in the mood to type. And thought this would be a good thread to start.

Reflecting on my life

After turning 24 yesterday, I was reflecting on how my life has turned out.
Yes I have made mistakes, but I think it's about learning from those mistakes. (This however is something that I am still learning)

I am in a job that I love, being with the children everyday is amazing, watching them grow and develop new skills is very rewarding. I often complain about the long days, when I am tired from not sleeping, but truthfully I wouldn't change my job for anything else. I love it.

Becoming an Auntie for the first time was amazing, I have a very cute little nephew. Love you Isaac <3

I never thought I could have the confidence to Volunteer for TS leaders, and even attend a weekender, and go to London. That was a very big step for me, and one that I don't regret and I am glad I took that opportunity while I was given the chance. Because it was an amazing experience, I met some awesome people.

I am also in the process of becoming a Volunteer for a company for children and young adults with mental health problems and disabilities. They pair you up with somebody based on both of your interests, and you do social activities with them. It sounds very rewarding and something that I am very interested in doing. :)

I love using TS and helping people is something that I really do enjoy doing. I have been a member on here for a while now and I have received so much support. I don't know where I would be without TS.
I love helping others because I feel like I can relate to them, and help them. I also find it very rewarding to know that I am helping somebody else through a tough time. Its an amazing feeling.

Having a learning disability myself I grew up thinking I would struggle with things academically, I must admit at school I really didn't do very well. I thought that it would really affect me, but I managed to get into college. This was a achievement for me, because I didn't do very well with my GCSEs.
I left school and then went straight to college where I stayed and did my Level 1 and 2 in childcare. I then started working in the nursery once I had finished my Level 2. I was then given the opportunity to do my Level 3 in childcare, NVQ based at the nursery. This was another thing I never thought I would be able to do.

My point is, I have learnt that if you really want to achieve something you can. You need to believe :)

Just wondering if any of you have ever done this where you have reflected on your own life. Would love to hear your responses. ( Only if you want to share ) ;)


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    that was a really inspiring read Claire :) I'm glad things are going well for you :thumb:
  • ReenaReena Fanatical Poster Posts: 1,375 Fanatical Poster
    This is a lovely thread hun. From this I can see we have so much in common.

    I reflect on my life a lot, I think about how I was, -truly believing I had no future. But after just a little hard work, I can see all of my achievements. Even those small day to day achievements many of us don't count.

    Like you, I love my job. When I heard the school I was working in was going to be closed, I was heartbroken and had to go back into counselling. But it's okay, because now I know my limits, I recognize when the real me needs a little help. That's something that always comes to mind when I think about how far I've come, that I feel stronger now.

    I feel in many ways that I am a helpful addition to the human race, but will continue to strive to be better. xx
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    Thank you Clementine and Reena for commenting <3

    I sometimes reflect a bit to much, to the point where I get quite low, but I think that's because I am thinking to much about things. When I reflect on the positives in my life. It makes more sense, and lifts my mood a little :)
    At the minute Im really not in a very good head space so doing this thread has helped me quite a lot. And it is something that I can refer back to when times do get tough.

    Reena: I am sorry to hear about the school, but I am glad that you are okay now, and things are getting back on track. You are awesome :) I have seen the advice you offer to people and you are most defiantly a helpful addition to the human race. You have been there for me too and I am very appreciative of that. Thank youuu :)
  • ReenaReena Fanatical Poster Posts: 1,375 Fanatical Poster
    You're quite awesome yourself hun. :yes:

    I still get a bit sad about the school, it was the 1st job I loved, but it's cool, now got another 1, and I still see the staff from the old one. :yippe:
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Im not awesome. but thank you :)

    Aw well that is awesome news <3
  • ReenaReena Fanatical Poster Posts: 1,375 Fanatical Poster
    Now now, what did I say about compliments? ;)
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    erm.. i forgot :p
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