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The Girl Who Became Three Boys



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    You could be right, I know the police thought they had arrested a boy.

    Hey ho.
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    Lexi99 wrote: »
    The girl said she didnt consent to sexual touching with anybody. She said she didnt want to do anything sexual or have sex at all, and repeatedly asked for it to stop. I dont remember about the other girl but im pretty sure she too said she didnt want any of it to happen.

    Yeah I agree but like AR says, I think the charge of assault is just because she was claiming to be a boy. I think..
  • Starry nightStarry night Incredible Poster Posts: 674
    I really tried to take it seriously but gave up at some points. The girls did go through a bad time though, and feel humiliated no doubt. I felt really sorry for the girl who did it, there must be something there that she needs help with.
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