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Your political compass

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I think political compass is the term I'm looking for, but what I mean is how do you work out where you are in terms of your views eg left of centre.

I know a bit about politics, but I'm not in a political party unlike one of my friends who is a paid up conservative.

I think I have views on different things, but there are many things I don't know about and haven't studied yet.

My background is much more languages than politics although I could did out my AS level notes, but it's 10 years ago I studied politics aged 17 in school. I can revisit the file of notes I've kept as I have kept all school and university notes, but my focus has been on French, History and mental health over the last 8 or 9 years through studies and mental breakdowns at university and learnings about mental health has been my main subject of learning over the last four and a half years since I left university.

If there are any short books about politics please let me know. I'm more concentrating on learning about mental health and French, but gaining a greater understanding of politics and political philosophies could be useful as could gaining more of a political awareness myself ie what my views are.

Any internet resources or books about politics/political philosophy that are short would be good



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