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Chris Brown winning a Grammy

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So what are people's thoughts on Chris Brown?

A volunteer writer has made his views very clear on this rant.


Read it and tell us what you think.



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    While I broadly agree with the general sentiment expressed in Scott's article, I'm not sure I agree with the central premise. Would he agree that Amy Winehouse should have been restricted from receiving awards because she busied herself punching fans and turning up on stage so blotto she barely knew where she was?
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    I'm not sure Amy Winehouse is the best example- she mostly destroyed herself- but the Nation's Favourite Geordie TM, Sherl Kerl, may well be. She's a convicted racist thug, battering someone in a toilet because they were black. Where's the outrage about her behaviour? She's the nation's darling, what she did is dusted under the carpet.

    But beyond that, where do we draw the line? How long ago do we hold someone's previous indiscretions against them? You can make a pretty good case about Chris Brown- once a twat, always a twat- but beyond that it gets increasingly grey. Cheryl Cole didn't behave a great deal better, didn't get a serious punishment and has never shown remorse. Should she be banned from awards? Or Eric Clapton for his support of Enoch Powell? Hmm.

    Personally, I'd be more affronted about him winning a Grammy because his "music" is absolutely appalling.
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    In principle, I think if he made the best music, he should win the award. The real issue is why people like him still have a career (or at least a career in the limelight). The entertainment industry is morally bankrupt, of course, and as long as you can still make money, the industry will still back you. That's why they can take a principled moral stand on someone like Gary Glitter, but continue to support the likes of Roman Polanski or Michael Jackson (although bizarrely Mel Gibson's career did suffer for a few racist comments).

    Apparently we can't rely on the people in charge of the industries to act anything other than amorally, so the question becomes why is there a market for these acts? And nothing illustrates this more than the Chris Brown thing. This is a singer whose main audience is women, convicted of beating up a woman, showing no remorse whatsoever, and yet scores of women are more than happy to continue handing money to him. It makes no sense to me.
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