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Retraining within the NHS?

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I',m just wondering if/what my options are? It would mean a fairly drastic change in career direction and I'm wondering how financially feasible it would be. If anyone has any experience to share or opinions I would really appreciate it :).

To sum things up, I graduated in 2006 as a Masters student. I went to uni after finishing school with A-levels (music, art, psychology, general studies) where I ended up studying music. I took a BA funded by government student loan (SLC), then stayed on for a further year to do a MA funded by the money I'd saved from that plus summer jobs and a private charity bursary. I've never earned enough (unfortunately) to have to start repaying the loan. Anyway, I left uni, went on to work in various call centre jobs for banks which is where I am at today.

To cut a long story short, I'm pretty fed up, under challenged and feeling like I need to get out, retrain in a more fulfilling career and generally sort my life out. Medicine has always interested me and ideally I would love to study again, this time to help people. I've been thinking midwifery or nursing could be right up my street as I like the idea of genuinely helping people, rather than feeling like a mindless robot selling more debt to people with no money :no:.

I've done a bit of online research and I'm left feeling a bit confused. Obviously I would need to have a uni place lined up to qualify to apply for an NHS bursary. What I'm struggling with is whether I would need different i.e. numerical A-levels to apply as a 'mature' student and whether any savings I have would affect the potential bursary. (I'm talking around £3k not millions!) :chin:


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    Universities will allow applications based on your UCAS tariff points and they don't normally make exceptions for "mature" students, although really the only people who can answer this are the University's admissions staff.

    In terms of bursaries, the savings shouldn't make any difference but if you have a partner their income will be taken into account. You can find out more information on the NHS Bursaries website.

    Your previous study will count against you for some courses and not for others. Without knowing which course you're thinking of applying for I couldn't tell you more. You'd be best off speaking to NHS Bursaries about it, or your university/SU advice centre
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