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Paris Trip!

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When in doubt, turn to the site!!

Me and my friends are going to Paris next year (2 of us will be 17 the other 3 will still be 16) we've found flights for when we go, and we've sort of been bouncing around websites trying to find decent hotels.

I was wondering if you lot had any reccomendations?
We need something with easy access to the airport but then we want to be close the all the tourist attractions and with decent shops!
Obviously, as we're 16-17 we want something dead cheap and we won't really be in our hotel room anyway only for like 8 hours per night.

We're staying for 3/4 nights and are looking for a double and triple room.
Anyone have any suggestions?
Also where abouts would you reccomend us to go for the day and stuff?
Thanks guys! :thumb:


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    I went in the summer with my family (i say summer, it pissed it down the whole time though).

    We stayed in a holiday inn express which was about 45 minute walk from the main bit of the tourist attractions (bit far), but we bought travel passes for the sightseeing bus which were fairly cheap and there's about 10 different routes to take and you can hop on and off whenever/wherever you want, and see pretty much EVERYTHING as well as being near the shops - a bloody life saver! All the routes seem to be based around Notre Dame, i.e. all the routes go through and stop there, so you might wanna think about staying near there. There's a similar dealy with the river boat as well which is worth doing.

    Sights to see-
    Notre dame - try and feed the sparrows if you can!
    Montparnasse (sp?) tower - tallest building in paris with amazing views
    Eiffel towel
    Champs Elysees - we only drove up the avenue but nice to see
    Ummm... the arch... i cant remember the name :blush:
    The Catacombs - which we didnt get to see :(

    Umm as for the airport, it was about an hour/hour and a half drive which might not be ideal for you. Basically we booked a taxi service with resort hoppa to take us to and from the airport. They didnt pick us up so we had to get a local taxi which cost about an extra 100 euro for the trip. Not saying that will happen to you but thats how much it cost us to get from the airport to hotel.

    Thats all the info i can think of for now, if i remember more i'll add it on :)
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