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I was diognosed with ADHD when I was 6 or maybe 7. I used to go mental and attack other kids in primary school, and ive always had troubles with concentrating, sleeping and depression.

I was wondering if there was anyone out there with ADHD who has any advice on living with it such as; what food to eat, how to get motivated to do stuff, how to stay focused ect.

Also im having alot of sleeping problems, I quit smoking billy's about two weeks ago and I can never get to sleep, I just lay there at night thinking wich isnt good for depression :no:


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    proper exercise, stretching before and after, good warm up's, good diet, plenty of raw fruit and veg, seed's grains... if your not planning on exercise, play a game, avoid your computer, read a book, shave your legs, cut your toenails, dye your hair... tell your doctor...

    in all honesty, im having trouble sleeping, well it's not trouble sleeping, i just dont need much as i have extremely high energy levels than what i'm used because im eating a raw diet and quit smoking, though surely quitting smoking is not keeping me awake.. despite the phycological associations of smoking before i sleep
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    The hardest part is actualy getting up in the morning and doing shit, ive got a bad routine of just doing what ever I want. I think what I need to learn is disipline.

    Also the smoking before sleep thing is a killer. In my clear headed sober state I tend to think to much, witch is whats keeping me from sleeping.
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