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What is this film?

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Man and a woman, man is Sean Bean (Sharpe) If i remember. They and their little girl move into some country home reasonably near a set of cliffs. Daughter goes missing. Woman looks through old newspapers clippings and finds out about a mass village suicide from years and years ago, theres a bit of the film showing it in black and white.

Haunting spookyesque film where a little girl is seen playing in their yard (not the missing one) and eventually "some evil followed her back"

Ring any bells anyone?
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    Horror Movie Find of the Week: "The Dark" (2005).

    The director of the sly and fun werewolf movie "Ginger Snaps", John Fawcett, turns to a more serious ghost story with "The Dark." Based on ghostly aspects of Welsh mythology, the movie stars Maria Bello and Sean Bean, an estranged couple whose daughter's life gets caught up in the old myths.

    The movie is an old-fashioned scare fest, perhaps with too many zinging orchestral stings at every turn and creepy shadow. Still, the movie is rich in atmosphere and the subtext of a mother and daughter relationship turned sour adds a nice touch.

    One odd point - when your husband rents a house on a dangerous cliff where there is a monument to the poor folks who committed mass suicide at that spot, it is definitely time to move.
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    Thats the one!!
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