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I thought that was the best title, but i'll try and explain what I mean.

I'll try and keep a long story as short as possible.

At university I was ill as a result of earlier life experiences. I think criticism/bullying was the main trigger.

But since university I have been involved with MIND and gained a lot from that as my local one do a lot of courses :


I graduated in 2007 and spent most of my first year after uni doing voluntary work for them and courses. Most of the last year I have worked in France.

But I feel these experiences have done me a lot of good in many respects.

I've bought some books too, but I think I've made the right decisions as I had serious mental health problems at university and so it has been best to concentrate on my mental health rather than a paid job I think.

I do want a paid job, but I really enjoy MIND and get lots out of it, but the courses are in the day. I think I'm in a position where i can work now, but I still want to keep learning. They are doing courses such as assertiveness and promoting self esteem coming up soon, but I may have a temp job.

Just wondering if anyone can signpost me to ways I can keep on learning about the area eg courses, but have paid employment as I think paid employment is important, but then also I have to consider my mental health and wellbeing is still good and want to learn more - I think a job is most important now, but doing more courses at MInd wouldn't do me any harm



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    Dear Mark,

    Brilliant that you feel able to start a paid job (and I think temping is the way to go if you're at all uncertain about this decision).

    Do Mind not do any evening courses at all? Perhaps they could point you somewhere that does?

    And have you seen this website about mental health services in your area?

    Best of luck with this new stage in your life; I'm sure you'll do wonderfully!
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    All the courses at my local MIND are in the day pretty much. They have some good ones coming up like assertiveness and promoting self esteem.

    I was unaware of that website, so thanks for that.

    I go to a mental health support group on a Thursday evening as well, but I think the courses at MIND are good as they have a lottery grant to put them on.

    But unfortunately most courses are during the day so that would clash with work if I had a job, but hopefully I have already gained a lot from my involvement with them.
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    try local colleges, because i know my local college does similar courses. Also ask your local mind people if there are evening classes else where...

    what about online programs? Jim V said something about mind gym a while ago, that might help...

    i find with the whole learning about yourself and skills to cope better, inspirational reading is often helpful - deepak chopra, paulo coelho, louise hay - many people have suggested her books...
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    Yeah not heard of those authors. Bought on called Manage your MIND recently which is quite comprehensive - there's a wide range of stuff to know about I think.

    Someone told me about someone called Dorothy Rowe - she's meant to be good.

    But the self development since uni has gone quite well - just glad I have got involved with MIND and gained greater insight into why I was ill.
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