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Gordon Brown on TED


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    My thoughts: I largely agree with what is said, about a global community taking place. Borders on a map certainly don't mean as much as they once used to when I can talk to someone in France or Egypt or Iran or China over the internet. All a community is really is a group of connected people, so now with the digital age where we are connected through the internet and email and such we are part of an online community.

    I'm slightly worried about his ideas for global institutions, especially when he speaks of security. I think if the internet has shown anything its that despite the legal problems in certain areas (child pornography etc.) people largely stick to a moral unwritten code of conduct, is there any need for police to interfere here? All they will do I am sure is further infringe people's freedom of expression. I can imagine taking a screenshot of a chatroom with police in might become an arrestable offence :p

    But that's just one micro scenario really of why the idea of global institutions are worrying for me, because institutions are not always good. But imagine if there was a global NHS. What an era we would live in where we could say every man woman and child born on this earth is entitled to professional free healthcare. That makes my spine tingle.

    Finally, when he talks about marching and not talking, I think it is right that he takes the first step. If his words about a global community and looking after those who need help are more than political gestures then he must act first and be the leader in this, in my opinion.
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