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What you won't read in the Mail

SystemSystem Posts: 8,653 Staff Team
or if you do, it'll be a small column on page 20 rather than the front page...
Killings are lowest in 20 years, overall crime and violent crime are down

The number of murders and manslaughters has dropped by 17% to a 20-year low of 648, the annual crime figures for England and Wales show.

There were 136 fewer killings in 2008/9 compared with a year earlier, according to the Home Office figures.

Theft-related crime has risen in the last year, with domestic burglary up by 1% and shoplifting rising by 10%.

But overall crime is down by 5% and violent crime has fallen by 6%, and gun crime has seen a 17% fall.


Let's see what spin the right wing tabloids put on this... I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for big-font headlines on the front page though... :rolleyes:


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