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I might be over acting slightly....

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Well i work at a supermarket, and one of my supervisors has gotten into the habit of patting me on the back, usually when i'm not looking like when i'm bending down to pick something up/kneeling down and facing away etc. Now, i have a bit of a personal space issue and i don't like people i'm not close to touching me, particuarly as he always catches me off guard. I've actually had bad dreams about it.
How do i go about asking him to stop? I'm really really bad at this kind of thing and i don't want to cause trouble. I don't want to tell any of the other supervisors/managers because they'll probably think i'm being petty. I feel silly just writing this.
Any help?


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    Hi Ballerina,
    I'm aware you posted this about ten days ago, so you might have already dealth with the issue.

    While it might be hard for someone to understand that you don't feel comfortable being patted on the back, that's not to say you should have to put up with it.

    You could tell him honestly how you feel making it clear it's not a personal thing against him and that you would feel that way about anyone patting you on the back. Alternatively, have you tried talking to other people you work with (peers rather than management) to ask them how they think he might react best to that kind of feedback? It's not unusual for people to want personal space and there might actually be other people who don't appreciate being patted.

    Hope you're OK. :)
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    Anyone rememebr the Friends episode where Chandler keeps getting patted on the arse? Anyway, this would annoy me no end, though I wouldn't know what to say either, to make them stop without it seeiming like you were making a big deal out of it.

    Good Luck
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