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A Little Respect

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,328 The Mix Honorary Guru
Wheatus - A Little Respect

This has really ticked me off, Wheatus have basically made a remix of an Erasure hit taking out the entire meaning of the track and wrecking it...

When Erasure released the track back in the 80s it had a hidden message requesting tolerance to sexual orientation, it was a very moving track and helped change a lot of peoples attitudes at the time.

I don't usually mind remixes, if you do a remix properly and keep the soul inside the track but modernise it for todays society then I'm pretty much for it most of the time as you can re-release the message into the next generation of listeners.

But this Wheatus remix is (excuse my french) have really fucked this song up, it begins as normal with a solo vocal and gutair sounding fine but then just half way through the first verse in come all the drums and rest of the wankers obviously not having a clue on what the song was about just trying to look cool and make a small tidy sum out of an already popular song without even portraying it as it was mean't to be.

Personally I hope this song flops big time and Wheatus return to their teenage dirtbag choonage (which wasn't too bad and if you like it fair play.. no problem)

Sorry for the rant.. just making feelings known.. thanx for reading.. <IMG alt="image" SRC="">;


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