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Postcard from Arran (large imgs)

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
From US

We held a mini-meet without you alls, well actually, Twisted_trinity just visted :p

Few pics for now :)

Me and Luby La Psychopathic bunnyboiler

Baby likes her it seems,

Mumma and baba with Luby

She stole my laptop and broke it :( now Fuji need to take it back

We did do alot more, well they did while I WORKED, they went to a castle, got paided for facials and scalp massages and beauty treatments, Laura got a £150 piece of art, meals out, Cheese factory, Walks, Aromatics factory.. all while I paid *feels leftout*

(now she wants to move here, someone, please..... stop her... please for the sanity of the island stop her..)

Love her really..

(oh and no raging orgies :() but she can cook (and look after the baby for 10min :p)


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