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Sorry, no offence to anyone who takes the drug BUT if they know it could kill them WHY take it! I mean that girl that was all over the paper months ago, coz her insides swelt up and burst she died! Everyone seems to be taking this ecstasy and dying! If they know it could be dangerous WHY take it yeah??! Sorry, it just annoys me!
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    People take drugs for a number of reasons such as boredom and spiritual adventure, the vast amount of them are relatily safe in comparison to the numbers which use them weekly. The thing which people seem to forget is that all of the ilicit drugs are different with different risks and effects yet people characterise them as being the same which is unfair and also untrue.

    As you've mentioned the recent ecstasy case I think it would be a good idea to clarify this drug primarily. Approximatly 2 million people use this drug every weekend usually taking about 2-3 tablets a night, usual reasons can include "£10 for pills is cheaper that £40 for alcohol" and "I'd rather be happy and feel the music", people on ecstasy are the carmest and happiest people in the clubs usually you will find them wide-eyed and dancing away NOT causing any problems or fights just enjoying themselfs and genuinly being friendly.

    As for safety with this drug it is debateable, no drug, legal or illegal is safe, users will often mention the current death rate statistics (1988-1998 only 78 people died) and use them with regards to alcohol and smoking deaths each year (30,000 and 160,000+), its also true that users never know quite whats in each pill which is why in holland clubs have pill testing areas to help look after the clubbers. With regards to the recent deaths, yes they are tragic and I would never say otherwise but what I do disagree with is the manner the press portraies them (images such as 'innocent girl' and 'first ecstasy tablet') when the truth of the matter, such as the Lea Betts case, where the victim had been a regular drugs user for long periods of time (using ecstasy, speed and cocaine) and had died by either over-rehydration or heatstroke.

    The true reason behind Lea Betts death, which never came to print (suprise!), was the fact that her friends, through lack of drugs education, kept getting her to drink water (she drank approx 6 litres), not knowing that ecstasy is an anti-diretic and through lack of being able to expel this water she died shortly from inter-cranial pressure. Also interesting to note was that the supplier of the drug was never prosecuited as it was one of her close friends. Finally, another two people died in that same month and unreportedly from the same batch of 'killer' pills which went round, strange how the media never picked up... just proves that drug testing centres would be such a good and worthwhile idea.

    Some people have admitidly died from first time use but these are a low percentage (0.001%) which can be compaired with that of a paracetamol allergy.

    Statistically you are safer taking ecstasy than crossing the road.

    Short time useage does have side-effects and there is an ever fuelling long term debate on whether Ecstasy causes depression in later life however evidence for this is still on its experimental stages so users are indeed hampsters. With respect to this however, there is also proven medical evidence which states that drinking and far more publicised smoking causes long term side effects on users.

    I suppose what it all boils down to is that images of drug users are portraied as criminals, yes admitidly they are breaking the law but with all due respect these people are ordinary working civilians who may have no previous convictions, these people are also least likely to cause problems within nightclubs, I myself work as an IT Support Technician who has never been in trouble with the police, pays taxes, owns a flat and is in no physical debt. So just because I favour taking ecstasy on a night out for enjoyment against alcohol is that really such a problem?

    I think the govenment need to grow up and accept that they are NOT going to defeat the drugs industry, why not just accept that some people enjoy social drug use and instead of wasting billions on punishment of users they should invest on education, safety and rehabilitation.

    Thanx <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;

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    Quality post JC. Don't think I could add anything on to that.

    It's my choice to do ecstasy. I know the dangers and I know of the possible long term effects but I can't see the problem taking it if it dosn't harm anyone else.

    Forward ever
    Backward never
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    Cheers mate...

    Made me grin for the day...
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    That was a brilliant post <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt; I have to agree!
    There isnt much else for me to add after that one coz it says it all.
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    Ecstasy-related deaths do happen, but usually it's to do with the circumstances in which the person takes the drug, rather than the drug itself.

    More here

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