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Psychiatric Care

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Whilst reading the responses on the following topic: http://www.thesite.org/ubb/Forum17/HTML/000075.html it made me relise how awful the treatment is when psychiatric care is concearned. It was terrible to read how badly Lolly's friends suffered at the hands of the system. I am sorry to hear what a traumatic week.

I can fully relate to how bad discharge can be without any support. I was discharged from the priory without any support and started to harm and eneded up in the only bed in the local nhs hospital I was discharged the next day I took another overdose. I'm not looking for sympathy, just wonder what or how needs to be changed, so others don't suffer like the people we've heard about. just a thought.

Take care people

The river is wide and oh so deep. I've been walking around in tears, No answers arethere to get. Cause between this world and eternity there is a face I hope to see


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    I no what u mean Luka...sorry to hear about your incident with the priory.
    I was lucky, in the way that after I left hospital they did offer my family and me meetings every now and then and they did make it clear that there was support if I needed it, but I think that was purly coz I discharged myself and they had advised me not to. The other people stayed for their whole length and u have to leave after a certain period and when that happens they just seem to dump u!
    The boy who threw himself off a building didnt even have a home to go to, they did offer him another hospital but it was on the basis that he stayed clean so he was soon out the door.
    A lot of my friends from hospital have phoned and been in contact with staff after they have left because they were shitty, and they have simply been told that its out of their hands and they cant help! I think thats terrible.
    If it wasnt for the good friendships that u make in hospitals and the support u get from other patients,I wonder if there would be even more suicides.
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