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the miracle of animals

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Ok, so this is pretty dumb for a health board, but what do you guys think of using animals as therapy?
Stroking a cat is very theraputic and I heard that swimming with dolphins is too.
I own a rat and he's helping me get over my depression because when I feel sad, I take him out. He's ever so affectionate and I think that animal therapy could really benefit sufferers of depression or terminal ilness.
I also believe that animals can sense feelings. If someone in my house is sad, my cat and dog immediately rush to their attention and seem to have a lot of love to give. I also read that some dogs can sense when their owners are going to have a fit.
I know it sounds soft comming from a 16 year old, so what do you lot think?



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    I used to manage a large nursing home for older people who suffered from dementia.

    We used to have someone come in on a regular basis with a golden retriever. Both the ladies and gents used to think this was wonderful, and to see their eyes light up when stroking the dog, is an image i will always remember.
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    I know it's an old topic, but what the heck <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/wink.gif"&gt;

    I agree with the thing about animals making you feel better, when I feel down I don't feel better anywhere but staring at my birds or down at the stables. I'd like to get a cat but mum belives she allergic though..

    Also, I work in a riding school where we allow disabled people to ride horses, it's wonderful to see them around the animals.

    I'll get a cat to cure my loneliness as soon as I get away from mum... =^.^=

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    Yeah... think animals r just close to u.
    I'm a totally unemotional person, the only time I ever been annoyed piis off'd or in a bad mood in about 4 years is when my dog died, when I totally flipped.
    Juts cos he wernt there n wouldnt have n e thing always there for me, n summing alive that u could never fall out with.
    Think they're real theraputioc things, if u like em.
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    I agree, animals r great therapy wise. My dogs sometimes the only thing that cheers me up and he is always there when I need a hug. I used to work at a stables and riding gave me such a release when I felt down.
    Animals r well sensative to feelings too. My dog always knows when to keep away from my dad!He always used to know when I was off my head on drugs aswell and a couple of occasions he would really keep away from me if he sensed I wanst my 'real' self.

    Just to make u laugh, or cry as the case may b. When I was in hospital we wernt allowed animals, probably coz they were concerned we would flip and take our moods out on them (they were right to think that!). This girl begged to b allowed her goldfish and in the end they let her. One night when she tatally lost the plot, another girl went up to her room to check she was ok. She had a bit of a shock when she opened this girls door and found her sitting on the floor chopping up her goldfish with a pair of scissers!!!Sick or wat <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif"&gt;
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    I've got 3 dogs, a cat and two horses.

    One of my dogs wugga who is a king charles spaniel is absolutely adorable he sleeps in my bed with me most nights and always licks near my eyes if Im crying, my cat is a nasty bastard with everyone else apart from me and I find the sound of his purring very relaxing, and last of all b4 i retired my older horse there was nothing better than going for a 3 hour hack round the hills or ripping it across a field to relax me or vent my anger, my young horse though is a little swine and i tend to keep awy from him when im in a mood or we just wind each other up.

    Id hate never to have animals I love them all!
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    *digging up old stuff again*

    god lolly, that is sick, i cant imagine anyone doing that! and just imagine if you walked in on someone doing that... bad enough with a goldfish, i cant understand how people can be so cruel to animals, like on bonfire night ive heard stories of fireworks being stuck up cats arses or tied to their tails and set off.

    i used to have 2 dogs i loved when i was younger.. and then a rabbit who died <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif"&gt; a cat who got run over when he was only 1 year old, he was lovely, all cream and fluffy.. and now i have 2 cats, theyr'e both crazy but i love them, i cant imagine what it'll be like when they're gone. im allergic to them though so i cant spend as much time with them as i used to <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif"&gt; and the scratch me like hell when they're happy! anyway, going off topic and rambling again...
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    My cat is great to relax me. and it knows when u r upset. if im really stressed, my cat comes running from somewheer and jumps on my lap, she is great. and i once went swimming with dolphins and it made all of us in the group really happy. it made u feel really good about urself. its hard to explain but i definately believe it works!
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