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is this heartless?

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Hi all, this is my first time posting. here's my predicament. a long story though sorry i will try to condence it.
7 years ago i went back to education after having my first child, there was a creche and one of the ladies there wasn't in the best of health back then, since then my kids have gone to school, and i am now emplyed in the creche, this lady has just got more and more unfit, we have to care for children in the age ranges of 0-5 she knows she isn't up to the job really so had a talk to one of our bosses who said she could stick to just doing craft stuff with the kids, (and not look after the babies who are kept seperatly) some of the children who are in her care are as young as 18 months old but toddling, and climbing as they do when they are starting to explore the world. a work collegue and i think she is too unfit to be in charge of these little ones as she really can't move fast enough should one of them get into trouble, she had to hold on to tables or anything for support if she is bending down to pick things up and really struggles to lift the little ones.
I know there are laws and such against discrimination of disabilities...but where does the safety of the children come into this equation.
Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated


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    Capability to do the job is an issue.

    that doesn't mean that the creche would have to sack her, but they would have a responsibility to the children first...
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    Hi Thanks for the reply. i just hope we don't have to wait another 6 years for her to retire..there is no way she will pack it in. where else can you get away from a moaning hubby and sit down on a chair and socialise for 2 1/2 hours per session while getting paid.
    oh god i sound bitter!!!
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    If she's unfit to perform her duties as laid out in her contract, then she can be forced to retire. I understand your bitterness- especially if you're getting paid the same, just because she's getting on a bit doesn't mean she deserves anything more than anyone else! You ought to voice your concerns to your employer, because it's not upto you to confront her nor should you feel like it is, and it's obviously stressing you out a bit. You're right, something should have been done about this a while ago.
    There's bound to be something else she can do and if she's not prepared to then that's her problem, don't feel bad about 'shopping' her :)

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