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Idk what to call it

joshy123joshy123 Posts: 58 Boards Initiate
I'm Joshua as most of you know I'm a homeschooled teenager and I'm really struggling to make real friends in the real world I just feel so alone even though I have my family that are willing to do anything for me I feel so fkn alone if this what depression feels like I've felt like this for too long how do I make new friends my age I can't really go to clubs bcs of work and I'm just really struggling and I think it's slowly killing me bcs I'm stress eating and I'm putting on weight and I'm really fat and I hate it but everytime I try to lose weight I get more depressed bcs I'm not eating my feelings away I'm a fat ugly waste of space and air even my own family keep commenting on my weight which they don't mean it in a nasty way but it makes me feel so fucking shit about myself and yet I don't fucking stop bcs the day I stop eating my feelings away I feel like I'm gonna lose my battle


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    Matthew_04Matthew_04 Moderator Posts: 92 Budding Regular
    edited May 15
    Hey @joshy123
    It sounds like you're feeling super stressed and lonely at the moment but its really great that you were able to reach out <3
    You're not a waste of space Joshua. It's understandable that all this stress would lead to stress eating. Then it sounds like stress eating is making you feel worse about yourself, which in turn leads to more eating. Its a tricky spiral to break out of.

    It sounds like work is taking up a lot of time in your week, would it be possible for you to reduce your hours or maybe take some time off to focus on yourself?
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    yanayana Community Champion Posts: 1,294 Wise Owl
    Heya, I've been struggling with friendships lately too. You seem lovely and yeah as you know I'm more than happy to be your friend. You can always shoot me a message if/when u feel lonely and shit and we can just chat!

    im echausted and dont have the energy to say anything useful besides that lol but usually i'm good at advice or just comforting people (or at least i try to be good at it lol) so you can come to me if u need to :)

    i used to feel very similar but i promise ur body image and self esteem will get better with time and eventually you'll feel much more confident regarless of comments from anyone else. i get that it's really shit rn though, it's awful ik.

    sending hugs <3
    my brain is not braining the way brains are meant to brain
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    Sunshine12Sunshine12 Posts: 106 The Mix Convert
    @joshy123 hey, i'm rrly sorry ur going through this it sounds rrly upsetting, whilst i can't 100% relate to ur experiences, i myself struggle with eating as a way to cope with my loneliness, and it can feel like a never ending cycle, but i promise it is possible to get better. It could help to discuss how ur feeling with ur family if u feel comfortable with that, n it might stop them making comments on ur weight even if they meant no harm by it. Sending lots of love, and just wanted to say ur deffo not a waste of space!
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