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Poem i wrote

Abigail123Abigail123 Posts: 65 Boards Initiate
So Yesterday was hard for me as it was the anniversary of me being taken to hospital after an attempt and ending up being sectioned for 3 to 4 months. it being a year ago its triggered so much from where my head space was at this time a year ago. so i decided to try to write a poem about all the feelings i felt at the time. in a away to reflect on how i felt them and how i feel know. it helped a lot in reminding myself why i chose recovery.
i thought i would share the poem as it might help someone else but if you get triggered about suicide then please don't read it. writing this poem has helped so much for me so if anyone is struggling i would recommend trying it even if your not good at it as I've never done anything like it before. and it has really helped me
anyways this is the poem,

ive called it the last day, 365days later still here

A year ago today you sore life in a different light
No light in sight
I said to myself that this was my last
The last week I lived like it was my last
As it was

In the last week I did everything I wanted
I got my nose piercing
As that was on your bucket list
I made myself feel beautiful for the very last time
I knew it was my time
I was at peace living my last week as my last

I said my last love you
My last have a good day
I said my last your auntie Nia love you, you are the best
My last night was the final goodbye

My last day at college was my last day
I laugh
I smiled with my friends
For the very last time

I then had done everything
I wanted
For my very last week

I was the most at peace
I have ever been
Finally this was the last of everything

I was at peace
Knowing it’s the last time I would hear that voice
The last time I felt worthless
The last time I felt fat
The last time I was anxious
The last time from all the dark

I was at peace
With all the love I gave
With all the I love you so much
With all the hugs with Francesca

I was at peace
With the letters I wrote
With the last words that meant so much to me
To the people I love

I thought I was at peace withing being my last day
The regret hit hard
The relision I hadn’t done all I wanted
I wasn’t at peace with that being it
I wanted to show people the love
Not just be a distant memory
Someone that was only remember
Not known

But that day wasn’t my last
The parmentic telling me
I was enough
I deserved real happiness
He was going to make sure that I got through
He was the first that ever showed me the light

But I thought this was my last
For month I hated this man
For months I couldn’t see the light anymore
For months I regretted that that wasn’t the last

But know
I’m grateful
I’m not living life
I’m still just surving
But I have the hope of the light coming back

I’m at peace
Now knowing that that last day
That last week was never the end
It was just the beginning


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    sinead276sinead276 Posts: 1,094 Wise Owl
    what a beautiful poem @Abigail123 and I hope you're in a mentally good place at the moment.

    Sending lots of hugs
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