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Ranking Social Media Platforms!

ellaella Community Manager Posts: 70 Budding Regular
Hey everyone! Social media is such a big part of our lives and I would love to know which apps people actually spend their time on...

Here's the challenge: Rank the following social media platforms based on how often you use them, with 1 being your most used and 10 being your least used :star:

X (formerly Twitter)
Threads (Instagram threads)

Bonus: Add any other apps you use regularly that aren't on the list!
Hopefully it will be super interesting to see how our social media habits compare in the comments :)


  • AnonymousToeAnonymousToe Posts: 974 Part of The Mix Family
    1. YouTube
    2. Twitter
    3. Instagram
    4. Facebook (to see what my extended family are doing, i dont know, it’s funny)
    5. Snapchat
    6. Pinterest
    7. Discord (made an account and then gave up because it was so confusing 😂)

    Never used the others, I don’t really use social media since I have nobody to talk to on there 🥲
  • Rose113Rose113 Deactivated Posts: 1,046 Wise Owl
    1) Pinterest
    2) Tiktok
    3) snap chat
    4) youtube
    5) Facebook
    6) Instagram
    7) Discord
    8) LinkedIn

    I don't use the rest
    ✨ Just a stupid worthless freak ready to give up ✨
  • Chloe234Chloe234 Community Champion Posts: 2,154 Boards Champion
    1) Snapchat
    2) Tiktok
    3) Facebook
    4) YouTube
    5) Instagram
    6) Pinterest
    7) Discord
    8) Linkedin
    9) X (Uninstalled)
    10) Threads (Uninstalled)
  • sinead276sinead276 Posts: 1,027 Wise Owl
    1. Snapchat
    2. TikTok
    3. Instagram
    4. X (formerly Twitter)
    5. Pinterest
    6. Facebook
    7. YouTube
    8. Threads (Instagram threads)
    9. LinkedIn
    10. Discord
  • Amy22Amy22 Posts: 3,950 Community Veteran
    1. Instagram
    2. Youtube
    3. Discord
    4. Linkedin (I use it frequently for networking and stuff)
    5. Finch App (which is a self care app where you take care of a pet)
    6. Facebook
    7. I dont use tiktok
    8. I dont use Threads
    9. I dont use X
    10. I dont use Tiktok
    11. I dont use Snapchat
    12. I uninstalled pinterest

    Suprisengly I only use a few social media apps
    Just a person who likes pop culture and films
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