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Share breakup experiences

Bella_Bella_ Posts: 1 Just got here
Me and my boyfriend of 2 & 1/2 years broke up recently- I still really love him but he said she just doesn’t feel the same about me anymore.
He was my first everything and I’m trying to move on and be open to new experiences but I’m sceared that in future relationships it won’t feel the same and everything will feel wrong or just not as good - can people who have been through things like this share thier experiences and tell me how it felt when you fell in love again after?


  • amy02amy02 Moderator Posts: 111 The Mix Convert
    Hey @Bella I'm so sorry to hear about your recent break up - big life changes like this can definitely feel unsettling and throw up all sorts of emotions, especially when they are so unexpected. I hope that you have support around you in friends, family or online <3

    It's great that you want to try and move on and find new experiences, it can be scary, but there are definitely amazing people and experiences out there to find. Even if people don't work out in the long term, each experience will be valuable in terms of growing yourself and working out what you really want.

    From my experience, finding love again was easier when I stopped comparing new experiences to past relationships. After all, the 'love' was so unique in each relationship as it was built on so many specific memories, inside jokes etc. with that person. I tried to accept that it will always feel different, but that's okay because it'll be unique and special to where I am at that point in life.

    I hope this is somewhat helpful :3 Remember we are always here if you want to share <3
  • sinead276sinead276 Posts: 1,027 Wise Owl
    I probably won't be the best person to give personal experiences about moving on after a breakup, but I hope you're doing okay firstly.

    Like Amy said, I think once that acceptance comes in terms of the fact that things are likely to be different when we are with different people, we can begin to embrace a new and exciting chapter that will feel different and special in its own way.

    I think as well make sure you're ready to meet someone else. Experiencing a breakup from someone you were with for as long as you were is probably going to be challenging, as that person is no longer in your life the way they used to be. So take the time to process it and feel the feelings. This will probably put you in a better space to embrace the new people that enter you're life and give them the best version of you.

    Hopefully some of what I said has helped in some way.

    Sending lots of hugs
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