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the mix chronicles [reupload] (parts 1-3)

Rose113Rose113 Community Champion Posts: 1,048 Wise Owl
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The Mix Party


[Location] Emails

V- Hey Gemma and Aife let's have a party on boards

G- ooo yesss let's do it

A- omg yes

[Location] Boards

🔊- V entered the party

*V Dances 🕺 *

🔊 Gemma entered the party

G - hey V great music 🎶

V - it's my groovy playlist 😎

G - it's amazing

*Gemma dances*

🔊 Aife entered the party

A - loving the vibes guys

*Aife dances*

[Location] Emails

*Emma emails Harry*

E - omg there having a party without us

H - *gasps* How dare they

E - let's have a party in tesco without them

H - *cheers* yes great idea Queen

E - awesome i'll see you there

H - oki doki

[Location] Tesco

*Harry enters the shampoo section*

*Emma enters the shampoo section*

🔊 uptown funk plays ▶️

*Harry does some hip hop*

*Emma does jazz*

[Location] Boards

*Aife leaves*

V - arghhh I've been caught, gotta dash

*V leaves*

G - im just gonna have some wine 🍷

*V enters*

V - Gemma we can't party here *cries*

G - (disappointed) oh okay

V - ive been caught again

G - let's go party in Costa

*V and gemma leaves party*

[Location] - Costa

V- ahhh we have some piece now

*V does the worm*

G - yes some peace from those pesky kids

*Gemma dances*

Narrator - They both had to much coffee and fell asleep 😴 💤

(The End)

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    Rose113Rose113 Community Champion Posts: 1,048 Wise Owl
    parts 2
    The Alien Invasion


    [Location] - Mars

    *JustV and Aife is chilling*

    📢 Alien Amy landed on planet Mars

    Amy - Hello Humans *alien language - hridbfjevhdjGrj*

    JustV - Howdy

    Aife - Hello

    *Ed joins mars and spots amy’s pizza *

    Ed - PIZZAAAA *alien language - Bleeep bloooop*

    *Ed eats a slice of pizza*

    *Amy eats Ed cos he stole pizza from them*

    📢 don't mess with Amy’s love of pizza 😛

    *JustV and Aife stand shocked and slightly scared as Amy turns back to him and two other fellow aliens join Amy*

    📢Alien Leyla and Laura have now entered the planet accompanied by Winnie the pooh and stitch

    Leyla - Meet stitch, my fellow acquaintance *alien language - bleep bloop bleep blob*

    Laura - This is winnie the pooh, my friend i met when watching Alien TV *alien language -
    Blurb bloop bleep bloo bla*

    Amy - hello Leyla and Laura, we have imposters, time to destroyyyyyy *alien language - blur blarg boop bleeeep*

    *JustV frantically reaches for the help caller and hits it so hard it breaks*

    📢 Gemma has joined to save JustV and Aife.

    JustV and Aife - Gemmaaaaa thank goodness you're here

    Gemma - blimey what's going on here

    *Laura plays ed sheeran to hypnotise Gemma*

    Aife - Gemma are you okay?

    JustV - oh goodness it's Ed sheeran's song *face palms*

    *Gemma squeals with joy and starts dancing*

    JustV - noooooooooo

    Aife - *laughs*

    Leyla - *stunned* what is Gemma doing *alien language - bleep bleep bleep blob*

    Laura - huh, humans are weird *alien language - bleep bloop*

    Amy - runnnnnnnnnnnnn! *alien language - bleeeep*

    Leyla - why? It looks fun! *alien language - bloop bleep blob*

    *Leyla begins to dance with Gemma*

    Leyla - come on Laura its fun *alien language - bleep bloop bleep blob*

    Laura - are you sure? *alien language - bloop blob*

    Leyla - yessssss hehe *alien language - bleep bleep*

    *Laura slowly begins to join in as JustV, Aife, and Amy stand and watch*

    JustV - i have an idea *insert light bulb💡*

    *JustV runs off mars and gets mystery items*

    Aife - Where's he gone off to now?

    *Gemma shouts over the music*

    Gemma - Probably to get them MIx TuTu’s and Octopuses

    Aife - I thought I got rid of all of them!

    Gemma - Nope he's been hiding the last one!

    Aife - Ahhhh I'm gonna find it later!

    *JustV returns with TuTus and hands them to everyone*

    JustV - I know it sounds ridiculous but maybe we should just join in and let loose a little?

    *JustV begins to join in and dance*

    Amy - I mean I've got nothing to lose *alien language - bleep blob blob*

    *Amy joins in and winnie the pooh runs to join Laura and stitch runs to Leyla*

    *Aife sighs then reluctantly joins in*

    📢Everyone is now dancing together and it's a mix party!
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    Rose113Rose113 Community Champion Posts: 1,048 Wise Owl
    edited March 9
    part 3
    (mod meeting)

    Main characters
    All = every mod

    [Location] - Chatwee

    📢 A moderator chat session is taking place today and a few of the mods are a bit hyper and keep going off task on what the purpose of the meet up is meant to be about. 📢

    JustV - howdy everyone

    All - Hi 🙂

    JustV - Guess what? I have exciting news

    Sand - YOUR PREGNANT?!?

    Sand - AND MARRIED?!?

    *Everyone goes silent in state of confusion and shock*

    JustV - Sand no. I am not… I joined ballet though

    All - Oooooo exciting

    Emma - Omg I do ballet toooo!

    Laura - It's the final countdown do dodoooo do do dooo

    Emma - Uhm Laura are you okay?

    Laura - Oh yes, although I am a bit excited.

    Laura - V I’d have said yep haha, pregnant with triplets and married 3 times 😛

    *Everyone bursts into laughter*

    Nina - Whoops, sorry I'm late.

    Laura - It's okay, glad to have you here hehe. How are you?

    Nina - I’m alright but, I broke my arm recently

    JustV - Gosh, hope you feel better soon

    *Everyone agrees with V*

    Sand - I had to have an x-ray on my foot once because of ONE step

    Nina - Thanks guys

    *Everyone laughs at what sand said*

    Emma - So. Hello everyone, today we are here to discuss keeping the group chats a safe place

    All - Just freeze everyone if they mean!!!

    The boss guy person - Interesting. I like it .

    Nina - And we also help people feel a bit better by just using a million hearts and providing them a listening ear.

    📢 After some important discussions, the meeting has come to the end and everyone is saying their goodbyes until they see each other whilst modding.📢
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    DancerDancer Community Champion Posts: 7,794 Master Poster
    River wrote: »
    G - im just gonna have some wine

    That`s something I`ll never forget haha.
    "There's a part of me I can't get back. A little girl grew up too fast. All it took was once. I'll never be the same." ~ Demi Lovato
    "The way that I have found the light in my life is through the expressive arts because I know that I will be accepted for the way I am." ~ Me
    "I'm going to get strong again and see you soon. " ~ Anonymous 
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