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teacher attachement issues

maldrin44maldrin44 Posts: 6 Confirmed not a robot
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i have attachemnent issues with this teacher at college because of trauma and stuff and my parents thinks its crazy but when ever she isnt in my mind goes to a dark place and when she is in i feel safe and it is effecting me and I know there are bounderias but like other ppl go more personal then me sometimes with her and others tutors and then she is the reason why i am at college bc she understands me and when i was in connect to college week last year i was very nervous and non verbal and she was the only person who understood and at SafeDriveStayAlive last year I had a bit of a meltdown and then an LSA (learning support assistant) took me out and then it was the end and then she saw that i was a bit upset and she calmed me down a bit and when i have thoughts about SH and dark thoughts and then she smiles at me the thoughts intsantly gets rationisled and i try to explain that to my parents but they dont ever listen and then she taught in a special needs school so she understands the way my brain works. And then she has saved my life by simpily smiling at me because i was thinking about ending my life at college in the bathroom and i was about to do it and then she smiled at me and then my thoughts were instanlly rationisled and then there was another time where she actaully phyiscally had to pull me out of the way but im not gonna go into detail because i dont wanna trigger anyone
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