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I feel so so so upset right now and need a hug

PetiteQuarkPetiteQuark Posts: 46 Boards Initiate
My life feels like a disaster.
I didnt get the gcse grades I wanted. Mostly 4s and 5s, i wanted 6s and 7s those were my predicted grades. I was so excited to do physics last year... But now, i hate everything, I don't find nature as beautiful as I thought it was before my dreams of being a physicist were crushed.
Today is my day off at college im retaking my gcses and i have a mock exam tomorrow. My mum wants to urgently move countries regardless of what I feel, and no one cares about me, Im irrelevant. Everyone is supportive of her, and according to them, if my mums problems are solved then ill be happy - Ive got my own problems to worry about ! This isn't even the first time this has happened, during year 10 i had to go to america because my mum wanted to live there with my relatives who lived in america, and we had to basically abandon everything we had in the uk, and that wasn't even my choice and I had no say. I came back to the uk and i had to move schools twice! Once because my mum told my school i was leaving and there were no places left, twice because we were evicted and i had to move to a new city. That didn't help me whatsoever. I had some friends in my old school but i fell out with them and there were alot of mean people there that were mean to be since year 7. Since I moved so often i didnt exactly make any friends so im alone, the only few friends i have now, are people who im friends with since year 6-8 and theyre only two people and theyre all busy with their own lives. I feel so alone. I Can't even trust my parents, im not close with my dad and i just cant trust my mum because she'll tell me to be grateful for my life and how easy i have it be cause i dont have to pay council tax and because she makes food for me and how bad other peoples lives are etc
Honestly, when i finish retaking my gcses, im fine with moving wherever, the country where my mum wants to move to isnt that bad my relatives live there, and the part where my familys from has nice mountains so the scenery is nice, but i barely speak their language, and ive heard that gcses and alevels there are much harder. Sometimes i just wish i was independent and had control over my life.



  • Matthew_04Matthew_04 Moderator Posts: 57 Boards Initiate
    Hi @PetiteQuark
    I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get the grades you were on track for, that can't have been easy to hear <3

    It's really good that you're retaking your gcse's though, that tells me you're hardworking and really care about these grades. Regardless of the results, try not to beat yourself up over it because at the end of the day, all you can do is try your best.

    It sounds like you're having a hard time being heard by your mum. I can imagine it's quite stressful when the adults around you are making decisions about your life that you have little say in <3
    I know you've said that your friends are busy but how would you feel about reaching out to them? I'm sure they would make some time for you, especially since you are struggling at the moment.
    If that doesn't feel like an option right now, that's okay! You still have space here to talk about all that's going on.

    Sending lots of hugs and good luck for your mock exam <3
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