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Happy Safer Internet Day!

JoeJoe Moderator, Staff Posts: 26 Boards Initiate
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Its Joe, the Mix's safeguarding officer (My profile is here https://www.themix.org.uk/about-us/staff ).

It's safer internet day today so it would be great to hear from this amazing community, what you do to feel safe online? What helps you feel safer online? Is there new techology, apps or websites that helps you feel safe?
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  • independent_independent_ Community Champion Posts: 8,585 Legendary Poster
    Getting a 404 error on the link btw.

    I suppose for me it's become almost natural. I rarely think a lot about internet safety. But then again I'm careful what I share and to who. I think that's become second nature to me these days. There's certain things I don't mind sharing, things like discord which maintain a level of anonymity in themselves. Other things like facebook and phone number much less so.
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  • Amy22Amy22 Posts: 3,774 Community Veteran
    I think for me it's knowing that I feel comfortable around the people I talk to online. For me it's about trust and knowing that they are safe to talk to. I think nowadays I am becoming more wise about internet safety but I am fairly new to social media so I am still learning about it all. My instgram nearly got hacked once when I was in college (a while ago this happened) but someone was pretending to be someone I worked with on work experience. They asked for my number and I kind of gave in and Instagram managed to detect there was a fault and told me straight away. I changed my password and went straight to my support 1:1 in college and she took me to the safeguarding IT officer who looked at my phone and the contact. I think my friend I worked with knew they were hacked but were unaware. But they managed to save my phone and account as well as changing my password. Since that happened to me I became much more wiser and skeptical of certain things even though I can be very super impulsive and only realise when the damage has been done.
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  • ameliaJayneameliaJayne Moderator Posts: 34 Boards Initiate
    @Joe I think that knowing a website has a process to go through when accepting new applicant makes a website feel safer as I know the users are legit. As well as community guidelines that are strictly followed makes a website have a more welcoming community feel to it.
  • AnonymousToeAnonymousToe Posts: 809 Part of The Mix Family
    I never feel fully safe online, you never know who’s stalking you
  • JoeJoe Moderator, Staff Posts: 26 Boards Initiate
    Thank you for sharing your ways to keep safe online. Some great ways to keep safe. I wonder if anyone has any tips on setting privacy on different platforms or good places to find tips?

    BTW @independent_ I fixed my link. Thanks for pointing that out.
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