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Sigh 😞

RiverRiver Community Champion Posts: 779 Part of The Mix Family
want everything to stop. for everyone stop lying to me and talking mean about me i fine obviously cos why wouldn't I be 🙄 I so done with everything. Someone talked bad about me to someone else and now I no trust either of them. And then I told one last night that couldn't do this no more and all of sudden they cared but they don't care cos no one care, they stop me but I still at some point but that is not the point no more, I just so done. I no unstand no more, like why I try when no go right at all? Try try try I go crisis but I no try and I cry an no crisis. but have try, if no try then me just bad person.

I safe 😀
Slowly healing n finding the real me 🥲


  • Katie12Katie12 Posts: 210 Trailblazer
    Sounds like you're really struggling atm. It says more about the other people if they are talking bad about you because that is a very unfair thing to do so it is understandable that you feel like this! Nobody deserves to be treated like that! sending you hugs <3
  • Amy22Amy22 Posts: 3,802 Community Veteran
    It sounds like you are going through a lot right now especially with trusting others. I'm sorry to hear that someone spoke bad about you to someone else, and I can't imagine someone doing that at all. It must be awful to go through right now and I can imagine how that is affecting your trust with other people. You deserve to be treated better by others because you are actually a nice person and they just don't understand how nice you are. Im always here if you need someone <3. Hugs <3.
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  • amy02amy02 Moderator Posts: 74 Budding Regular
    Hi @River I'm so sorry to hear you struggling so much at the moment <3 I hope venting with us helps somewhat. Remember that all of us are here for you and we really do care about you. <3
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