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In cathedrals

ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 4,112 Community Veteran
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I was I the cathedral having a tour n I herd 'let say a prayer' then I sed 'prayers don ...' n my friend sed 'sshhhhh' haha
Wat do prayer do nd whose this St Anthony?
Sorry if the was rude
Crazy mad insane
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    lunarcat522lunarcat522 Posts: 488 Listening Ear
    @ellie2000 As far as I'm aware, prayers are a way of connecting to a higher being like God. Some religions such as Islam pray at certain times of the day as a way of devotion to their religion. Reasons for praying generally vary but another reason might be to ask for support if someone is going through a difficult time, or they might ask for a sign that someone like God is out there if they are struggling with their faith. It really depends on the person, I'm guessing. I'm an atheist so I can't really say myself the ultimate purpose of prayers but I think ultimately it's for solidarity and comfort.

    I also don't know who St Anthony is either, sorry! Good question though, hopefully someone on here can answer!
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    Past UserPast User Posts: 0 The Mix Regular
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