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Hurting people

RiverRiver Community Champion Posts: 243 Trailblazer
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People go on and on about me hurting people and then all the do is deny it and say that I don't hurt people but I clearly do...

All I do is hurt people trying to do whats right and no one can even deny that especially with recent stuff on here that resulted in turning nasty and I ended up getting hurt by it. I mean there was more to it than that but still apparently I hurting someone's friend who then attacked me verbally for it and then apparently I didn't hurt anyone when I clearly did because people don't just say that I've hurt someone for no reason and attack me for it.

Can't people just keep what they say straight. If it's something to do with saying that ive hurted someone when there angry and then they deny it when there calm or something then it doesn't help nothing, yes I have the worst memory but I remember things that mattered to me and hurt me or made me feel like a horrible person...

I'll stop venting sorry...
Slowly healing n finding the real me 🥲
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