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Dear newborn child

Amy22Amy22 Posts: 4,159 Community Veteran
Dear newborn child,
Hi welcome to the universe
You can call me God or more your guide I should say to speak. Think of me as a omnipotent being (spirit if you may) who is guiding you into this universe.
It is dark to begin with, just a plain dull blackless void.
Then there is light and there is sound,
Everything is colourful
Everything is so loud
This is called life dear child
Life is a gift which can be beautiful but also sad
"But dear guide why does life have to be sad?" you say to me
The truth is I'm not one to sugar coat things though your parents on Earth may
People like to sugar coat things as sweet and delightful, hide the horrible truths from you
when in fact the world is a harsh and horrible place
filled with horrors no child like you should ever have to come across
This is a sad truth I wish didn't have to exist
But it does so welcome to the world my child,
I hope you enjoy your stay

Something then tugs at me
As I look down I see a child, their eyes wide
"If the world is so horrible then why I do exist?" they ask
I sigh
I bend down to the same height as them as a form of comfort
Look sweetheart the reason why you exist is because of something called love
Its what made you in the first place
In this world there will be times where everything seems doom and gloom but a little thing called love exists and that is why you are here
Child you have a purpose here on Earth
What that purpose is you will find out later on in life
As you grow up you will have to go to school,
you will find friends
lose them
and find them again
you will go through heartbreak and difficult situations
Get hired
Get fired
people will hurt you no matter what
Yes you will be manipulated
Yes you will be tried
But this is called life child
It happens to all of us even the most kind

Again they look up at me and ask "Then why can't you remove the evil in the world if your so powerful?"
I shake my head
No, unfortunately it's not as easy as you think
I open my palms
On my left hand there is the good of the world, on my right there is the evil
Both cannot live without the other
However, it is up to the person themselves how they chose to use their free will in this life
I have no power or control over what a person does in this lifetime
But I can guide them in many different forms
one of my many forms is known as the 'conscious'
The 'conscious' is that pink squishy thing inside of you which makes decisions, irrational and rational thoughts
though thought is a construct
the mind is a powerful place I say
It is up to you dear child which path you decide to take in this lifetime
I cannot influence you but I can only advise
So go on young child walk into the light
When you start to doubt just
look closely I am there
in the corner
I am the shadow you notice on the floors, on the walls
If you look harder you will notice I am everywhere
Before the child enters the light they ask me one final question "What are you then?"
"Hope" I reply

(had to edit some of this)

Just a person who likes pop culture and films


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    JJLemon18JJLemon18 Community Champion Posts: 1,956 Extreme Poster
    That's beautiful 🥲
    Believe in me - who believes in you
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    Amy22Amy22 Posts: 4,159 Community Veteran
    Aw thanks @JJLemon18 It was something I just came up with out of my head that I needed to write
    Just a person who likes pop culture and films
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