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Ptsd coping

ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,897 Community Veteran
Wat do I do, if overwhelmed with feelings? Y do the perpetrators blame eachother and say tht I should it go n move on
Tht fake therapist tht I mentioned brought demons up. Thts y I had a go at them via txt :(
Crazy mad insane


  • GemmaGemma Community Manager Posts: 453 Listening Ear
    Hey @ellie2000, it sounds like you're going through a rough time at the moment with a bad therapy experience and some feelings that are piling up. You mention feeling overwhelmed. Would you like to share more with us about what those feelings are?

    We're also here for you if you'd like to share more around these perpetrators - what is it that they want you to let go of and move on from?

    We're all here for you <3
  • Terry8936Terry8936 Posts: 271 The Mix Regular
    @ellie2000 Feeling overwhelmed with emotions can be incredibly challenging, especially if you're dealing with past traumas or difficult experiences. It's important to remember that your feelings are valid, and it's okay to seek support to help you navigate through them.

    Regarding the fake therapist you mentioned, it's essential to be cautious about seeking help from unqualified or unprofessional individuals. Genuine therapists should create a safe and supportive environment for their clients, not make the situation worse. If you ever encounter such a situation again, consider reporting the person or seeking help from a legitimate mental health professional.
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