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MEN: why does The Mix appeal to you?

JustVJustV Community Manager Posts: 4,936 The Mix Elder
You might have noticed that this community is pretty female-dominated, and the same is true of other parts of The Mix too. So the team here at Mix HQ is thinking about how to involve more men in what we do. That might mean joining this community, volunteering for us, or even working for us.

So we're looking at what kind of language would really connect with men, and what the selling point of The Mix could be from a male perspective. No one rule will work for everyone, but we can try. :)

So if you're a guy, what drew you to The Mix?

And how would you 'sell' The Mix to other men in your life?
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  • IainJammyboyIainJammyboy Posts: 556 Incredible Poster
    I guess it's quite sad in this way - but when I was in a really bad state of mind, I had practically no support around me and so I was desperate to find somewhere to at least chat without being looked down upon just because I'm younger. Especially since all this stuff about how men should suppress their emotions and never cry, should never show weakness, and how women are the emotional ones - and all that rubbish that I've heard in school, on the internet and beyond. I know this is really sad but it just gives me the chance to talk to people outside my own family as it's a few months before I start college, and all my school 'friends' I used to talk to all the time have now been Andrew Tatified, and now they say stuff like 'depression isn't real, people just like being sad and the government is controlling us to keep us in order", "bipolar isn't real, everyone feels emotions and they are just overreacting" and the funniest one I've ever heard "bottled water is made up by the government to control us because the water molecules aren't 100% pure, and so i get all my hydration from cucumbers and watermelon." Sorry, I know I went a wee bit off topic there - I'll try have a think to the second question though for tomorrow
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