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Step brother

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  • CaniceQCaniceQ Posts: 122 The Mix Convert
    @Morgyn007 I, myself, have step-brothers whom I've never met before and what you've found out might have been shocking news to you. Though, I wonder, how do you feel about this?
  • yanayana Community Champion Posts: 1,266 Wise Owl
    @Morgyn007 it must be quite a shock/surprise to find out u have a step brother who u didn't know existed before. don't apologise for being unsure of how u feel, that's completely ok <3 i think it's best to just process the new information first before thinking about being able to meet him and then maybe someday in the future you can talk to your family about trying to find and meet him :) I'm sure one day you'll be able to even if at the moment it feels like you know nothing about him and it's impossible. take care!
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  • libbystrawberrylibbystrawberry Community Champion Posts: 556 Incredible Poster
    heya @Morgyn007 u mentioned u wanna contact/meet him, could u search him up on social media and reach out to him as i imagine its a shock for him as well, tho as xee said u should process this info and when ur ready try to message or contact him <3
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  • libbystrawberrylibbystrawberry Community Champion Posts: 556 Incredible Poster
    @Morgyn007 :# oof dont know what to say to that um could it be possible ur dad and him have the same surname maybe??
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  • Terry8936Terry8936 Posts: 271 The Mix Regular
    @Morgyn007 Discovering a previously unknown family member can bring up a mix of emotions and curiosity. The decision to reach out and meet your stepbrother is a personal one. Consider your own feelings, motivations, and expectations before proceeding. If you feel overwhelmed or uncertain, it may be helpful to seek support from a trusted friend, family member, or counselor who can provide guidance throughout this process. Hope you feel better!
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