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Feeling down

Creativeboy23Creativeboy23 Posts: 180 Helping Hand
edited May 2023 in Health & Wellbeing

Hello all.

At university, I became a member of a magazine society, meeting this girl over text, who I discovered was on my course. At a portfolio review, I was disappointed she did not recognise my artwork from society and talk to me. I was jealous and upset at an art exhibition when she spoke to some other students but did not come over to chat with me. I regret being too anxious to talk to her. I have recently fantasised about smiling at her and smiled about her a lot.

On top of my current feelings, this morning, my brother started on me for no reason. He used my porn use
against me again. So, my low mood has become worse. I am struggling to cope and my future feels bleak.



  • genderless_fungigenderless_fungi Moderator Posts: 156 Helping Hand
    Hello @Creativeboy23

    Thank you for opening up about your feelings. it seems like this girl is important to you, it's great you took the time to think about how her not recognising your artwork and not talking to you made you feel, sometimes it's hard to interpret our own feelings. You mentioned that she's a member of the magazine society as well, do you think you'll be able to talk to her again?

    I'm sorry your brother is treating you poorly, would it be possible for you to talk to him about the situation? you've mentioned feeling sad and having low expectations about your future, that sounds really destabilising. Can you tell us a bit more about how you're feeling and what do you think has caused them?
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  • Creativeboy23Creativeboy23 Posts: 180 Helping Hand

    Hello @genderless_fungi.

    I have moved on from the situation with my brother now, but it is hard to move on from this girl. She is important to me indeed. I think it might be a crush I have on her.

    Yes, I could actually but only over text because I am not going to really see her in person again.
  • libbystrawberrylibbystrawberry Community Champion Posts: 560 Incredible Poster
    edited May 2023
    @Creativeboy23 sending u hugs :)
    I tried to reach out but no one listened or cared .
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