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Mental Health Awareness Week

GemmaGemma Community Manager Posts: 298 The Mix Regular
Hey everyone, we’re looking to create some videos and support posts for our social media channels during mental health awareness week (15th – 21st May), and this year’s theme is anxiety.

We know that anxiety is something that affects a lot of us and so we’d like to get your input on what kinds of information or support you’d like to see from us.

Is there a particular element of anxiety that you’d like to understand more about? Would you be interested to see more videos/social media posts around specific types of anxiety? Would you like to hear more from those with lived experiences?

We will be looking to partner with experts and influencers to create some video content for Instagram / TikTok, as well as some support posts on Instagram.

We’d love to hear your ideas. If anything springs to mind about what you’d like to see on our social media channels – please let us know below :)


  • DancerDancer Community Champion Posts: 7,356 Old Timer
    Neurodiversity and how that can impact anxiety.
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  • JJLemon18JJLemon18 Community Champion Posts: 1,620 Extreme Poster
    My therapist told me that anxiety happens because our body starts to feel threatened and unsafe so its starting to activate fight or flight responses, even if the situation we are in is completely safe. I would really like to know, as @Morgan007 mentioned, how does it happen that someone starts to develop anxiety, and why exactly?

    Oh and ways to combat/cope with anxiety would also be great! :)

    Also I use neither of those social media platforms so would there be another way I could view those videos/posts? (For example posting a link to them here or something)
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  • GemmaGemma Community Manager Posts: 298 The Mix Regular
    Hey @Morgan007, @Dancer, @JJLemon18, thank you all so much for these fantastic suggestions.

    I will get these passed onto our team - really appreciate all your ideas <3

    @JJLemon18, we can definitely post some links/screenshots on the community to any content we produce :)
  • Amy22Amy22 Posts: 3,300 Boards Guru
    How sleep can affect anxiety even dreams that we may have
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  • GemmaGemma Community Manager Posts: 298 The Mix Regular
    edited May 22
    Hey @Morgan007, @Dancer, @Amy22 and @JJLemon18, with MHAW coming to a close at the weekend, I thought I'd pop some links here to the content that The Mix produced!

    You can view The Mix's TikToks without needing an account here (we posted 7 TikToks last week for MHAW) - https://www.tiktok.com/@themixuk?lang=en

    The Mix also created some infographics on The Mix's Instagram (swipe through to view the multiple images for each post):

    Hope you're all doing okay this week <3
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